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Grass Fed Beef direct to you from the heart of the tallgrass prairie located in Sedan Kansas. Grass-Fed Cattle Rancher Bill Kurtis is proud to present you with taste, health and sustainability of the Red Buffalo Ranch grass fed natural beef products.

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We Use Ultrasound For The Ultimate Tasting
All Natural Grass-Fed Beef.

The primary obstacle standing in the way of the grass-fed beef revolution is how to consistently deliver quality beef that tastes delicious. Here at Tallgrass, our cattle are derived from special genetic stock whose origins are verified and fully traceable . We’ve given a whole new meaning to the word ‘thorough’. We use ultrasound technology to safely and humanely see inside the living animal, and to detect the right amount of marbling and muscle to produce the most tender, best-tasting beef there is.

Beef 360: It’s a Better Way to Live.

There’s a new mindfulness and a new way of being that many people feel and live by. A new code if you will. It certainly has changed our lives at Tallgrass. We call it Beef 360. To live Beef 360 means to take on the full, 360 degree set of concerns for producing our beef. From promoting a healthy diet, finding the best tasting beef, and reducing environmental stress, to supporting the local economies of the U.S., we’ve committed to live in the best practices we know of for the sake of our planet, our health, our animals and our future. This is Beef 360. Won’t you join us?

Tallgrass Beef In The Headlines

We've been grateful for such a tremendous response to our products from the press. Check out some of our most recent mentions, below:

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